The Wedding of Corinne and Lorne - Le Mariage de Corinne et Lorne

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A venir en France:

Date: le 8 Août 2008 (soit le 8/8/8)

Où ça: A Jaure, en Dordogne

Rendez-vous est pris pour 16h30 pour une séance photo sur le parvis de l'Eglise de Jaure.

A 17h, nous nous retrouverons à l'Auberge de Jaure pour la réception et le diner.

Pour les directions Google map vers Jaure

In Canada:

The Wedding Ceremony, Dinner and Party all went most excellently!

Thanks to all our guests for making it such a wonderful day filled with great memories.

Special thanks to our hosts Karen and Glenn for all their work in organizing and preparing things. Thanks to Mom Bradt for all her work in the final of Fly By Night Weddings as she made the ring bearer and flower girl outfits, did all the bouquets and boutonnieres as well as both wedding cakes with her assistant Judy.

So what did happen for 1 couple with 2 kids at exactly 3:45, 6-7-8?

Well according to the time stamp on Gordon's photo, Here it is:

And for anyone who is still wondering why there is no 9, click HERE.

View the full Wedding Photo Gallery soon as we get the photos in order...


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Still a work in progress but I wanted to get something up before Halloween gets here.

There are still some photo's to add. I supposed there will always be photos to add...

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