Checkride: Final Prep

A sendoff from my online coach....

Getting set... GO!

Walk in like you own the joint! And fly that way.

I have every confidence that you'll play the mental game well. Remember, the Practical Test Standards for Instrument Ratings give the examiner the okay to introduce distractions. Don't be fooled. Sterile cockpit and all that.

My one single most important piece of advice is this: you've spent not just the past few months getting ready for this exam -- you've prepared for this all your life. Go out and fly that way.

You're the boss. Prove it. Be in Command.

Don't sweat the mistakes -- just stay far enough ahead of the game and keep the mind actively involved in what you're doing at the moment. Recognize and correct mistakes early.

Remember: the examiner has seen all sorts of errors committed -- no one flies a PERFECT flight, so it IS okay to make some errors. Build your time windows to allow yourself to catch up: take an extra turn in holding -- or request a hold -- in order to get settled down.

If you find yourself feeling panic, know that I'm flying in the backseat. Listen for the whispered reassurance.

"Keep the big picture of where you are and what's next."

And don't be afraid to ask the controllers if you have ANY doubt about what they want you to do. I did the same thing three or four times today. It's a part of being professional. Join the ranks. And don't worry about what any of us might be thinking.

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