Learning Breakthroughs

Another way to look at frustration with flight instruction...Insights offered from E-Pilot, my online flying buddy.

I understand what you're going through, in terms of learning; getting frustrated when things get difficult or the learning gets stuck on a threshold; and when you get angry about getting frustrated or angry. It was an experience that I repeated time and time again in my instrument and ATP courses.

I discovered that when I started becoming frustrated, I was -- in reality -- approaching a threshold which I merely needed to recognize (for what it REALLY was) and crash through. Instead, I became fixated on my frustration and further impeded my own learning.

Learning is a process. You can't expect to sit down with a book on nuclear physics and expect to absorb all that you read. You can't expect that you'll understand or master everything at first glance.

Learning is a process whereby you become familiar with various elements, or, elemental building blocks upon which you add the higher structure in subsequent lessons. Some of us get stuck in the stage of re-arranging the foundation blocks for time eternal until we realize that it isn't necessary to reach an ideal level of perfection before adding to a solid foundation.

What I'm attempting to communicate is that perfection is a result of experience -- the roof, as it were, which we add only when the weight-bearing walls of learning and practice are in solid combination and harmony. The roof of perfection helps us weather all that circumstance and our own foolish choices may throw at us.

Perfection isn't going to happen at this stage of the game for you. Not because you can't be perfect, but because it happens when you're ready for it. THAT takes experience. So getting frustrated only hampers your learning by eroding the confidence which helps you to crash through the barriers.

Thus, when you find that you're getting frustrated, recognize it as a signpost for "THRESHOLD COMING" and know that you're about to make a breakthrough.

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