Memories of Lorne from his sister Ann Marcotte

Being the younger sister by 3 years, Lorne (Ornie until I could get the L) was 'the wind beneath my wings'. He was my protector, mentor, hand-holder, tear-dryer, advisor, confidant, usher at my wedding, Godfather to my youngest daughter, Diana, and ski instructor to my eldest daughter, Terri (Theresa).

After the death of my Father, Lorne Edward, August, 1987, Lorne agreed to move to Hamilton from Oshawa, so we could be co-caregivers to Mom. The three of us spent most Thursday's at Mom's for dinner or we took her out to dine. We cherished these times, supporting Mom suffering the loss of her loving husband, helping her with chores, and accompanying her on appointments and family events. We were a highly functional team.

After Mom died in1992, Lorne purchased a house on Fairfield, up the street from where we grew up. He put an enormous amount of time and energy making this dwelling into his very own home. His cooking skills improved as he prepared dinner for us on a regular basis, constructing a flip-up table attached to his garage, where we dined during nice weather. On one occasion as we were chatting while dinner 'cooked', the bbq blew up along with hamburger patties. I can still see him doubled up with laughter after dousing the inferno.

We spent many hours in his basement workshop, where he built his 'dream' wagon for his grandchildren, Benjamin and Natalie. Next came his formidable Toy Clock. He was a perfectionist with every task he encountered.

Other endearing events I often reflect upon - after having extensive oral surgery, he took me to McDonalds, ordered a milkshake with milk on-the-side, and thinned it so I could sip through a straw. In 1989, I underwent major surgery in St. Joseph's Hospital. As I was returning to my conscious state, my darling brother was there, wiping my face and mouth with a warm washcloth, reassuring me I would be fine. What a warrior!!!!!

This past Christmas, Lorne joined my family at my place, celebrating this annual event. He was so impressed with the fine qualities of his great-niece and four great-nephews...... as they were of his. I am grateful I continued this tradition of family togetherness.

Saturday, March 1, 2008, Lorne accompanied me to my grandson, Nikolas' hockey game at Chedoke Twin Pad Arena. Having spent several years refereeing hockey, he was thorough in explaining the various penalty calls, taking photos of Nik in action, warmly congratulating Nik and his Dad, Dave, and giving his fabulous hugs to daughter, Diana and I. Diana took a splendid photo of he and I that night; what a treasure that is. Our conversations usually started with news of our children, spouses, and grandchildren....our pride and joy!

Since Lorne relocated to Brantford, we had been spending more time together, lunch or dinner at my apartment. He would always remind me to have a list of tasks ready which he eagerly accomplished. Frequently, he brought bundles of photos for us to peruse. He was a master at this hobby, instructing me to focus upon 'composition' with my limited photographic skills.

During our visits over the last few months, we began serious discussions regarding our individual final arrangements. As an employee of Dignity Memorial Funeral Homes for 10 years, I accumulated a multitude of experiences along with several brochures regarding various service/burial options. We agreed upon cremation followed with a memorial service in a funeral home, primarily as a celebration of life, which would be conducive to our families.

Lorne and I had signed an ownership document at Holy Sepulchre Cemetery in 1996, authorizing us to utilize the gravesite of our parents. Cremation, with inurnment at this location was where we left off our discussion only a few weeks ago. I am most grateful we had this discussion, making Lorne's final arrangements less stressful for his family.

Lorne and Ann at a hockey game recently