From Jerome Travers, Lorne's friend from long ago

The paths of your Dad and I  hardly crossed in 50 years, me in New Jersey and he in Ontario, each of us hacking out a life, a career. a family. But in our early twenties our orbits merged, initallly as the only two guys in high school who wanted to get out of Latin an take typing instead...practical sorts. Money and opportunities were very short in those days, so after graduating we entered the work force.But our real interest was on bigger things, so together we organized "The Regis Club", a social and service club for about 200 peers, all looking for some  meaning in their lives. I remember Lorne and I driving to Buffalo and stayng at a flea bag hotel to attend a Buffalo convention of like minded people. wanting to see how they did things there. This was a very excitiing time of our lives. Out of this came his and many other marriages. I always remember him as a tall slender guy, pleasant smile and easy to be with. A hard worker, he was generous with his time and talent. He led a full and meaningful life, and his passing notes with the joy and sadness of the loss of a good man. May he rest in peace.

Jerome Travers, Ph.D. Summit NJ USA

W. Lorne Bradt and Jerry Travers with the Regis comittee of 1957

There's Lorne on the right side of the table and Jerry to his right.