From Jamie Reilly, family friend.

Dear Karen and Family,

I was both saddened and shocked when you called to tell me about the passing of your father, Lorne.
It saddened me further to know that I could not make it to the service for him.
Over the years I have had great joy being able to teach and play at heights. One, as a teacher of high
angle rescue, even having the privilege of rappelling the CN tower, and the other in the sport of rock
climbing. I tell you this only to let you know it was your father who unknowingly helped me get more
comfortable at heights when he one day asked me to climb up his rickety old TV tower on top of his work
shop so I could help his adjust his weather equipment. I remember that often as I am high above the
ground wondering what the Hell I am doing up I did that day!
Your Father always made me feel welcome in your home. I very much appreciated it. He was a man with
a warm smile, a caring heart and an open soul. He will be missed.


Jamie Reilly