Memorial words from Arlene's children Jerry & Suzy

"W. Lorne Bradt, whose life we are here to celebrate today was introduced to us as Wally. The origin of Wally came from Lorne’s and Arlene’s first meeting when she asked him, “what the W in W. Lorne Bradt stood for.” Forever the comedian, he replied, “Wally!” And he will forever be known to us as Wally or Grandpa Wally.

As we gather here today to celebrate the life of Grandpa Wally, Jerry and I would like to acknowledge the significant contribution that Grandpa Wally has made to our lives over the last 18 years. Wally was amongst the first people to hold both my children on the day they were born. That was only the beginning of the interest and love he gave to our family over the years.

It gave Jerry and I great joy to see the love between Wally and our MOM. They shared a very special bond of caring, sharing and friendship that was a huge comfort to us. The travelling that they were able to do and the holidays we were able to share together has left us with memories that will last a lifetime.

Wally had endless patience for his grandchildren. Whether through birdcalls, Sylvester imitations, wagon and truck building, quiet time on the computer or thoughtful walks, Wally always made time for all of our children. We are happy to have had Wally as a part of our lives for however short a time it seemed to be. We got together to make the picture board and it was so wonderful to look at all the years immortalized in the photos. It is unfortunate that we always wait until we no longer have someone in our lives to truly appreciate what they bring to us. Without a doubt, Grandpa Wally brought us laughter, love, the joy of music and companionship for our mother that mere words cannot convey. He will be deeply missed. "