From Rob Micheli, friend of Lorne Jr.

Lorne, as far as I can recall, I only met your father once, around Father's Day many years ago b.c. (before Corrine). I don't know if Lorne ever mentioned this, Corrine, since there was nothing extraordinary so far as I was aware that would make that Father's Day any more or less special than any other, apart from the fact maybe, that both Lorne and his sister, Judith, coming from somewhat further afield, both flew in to see their dad and make his day special. So we just had lunch together and walked about a bit.
What I remember most about Lorne Sr. from that one meeting was how unassuming he seemed, and he seemed to be the sort to put you at ease as soon as you met him. Sort of like a father, now that I think of it! Someone who would simply accept you for who you were, and asked only that you do the same with him. Now, Lorne, I don't know how true to your father that perception is but to me, he seemed quite remarkable that way, and for what it is worth, that is the first thing I remember of the little bit that I got to know of him first hand that day.
But the other thing that stands out for me of that day, is that I was struck that your father seemed to be just absolutely contented and happy that you were there. Not in any over the top way but just in a quiet confident way that made me sense that in that moment, his children being there made everything right with his world.
So today my thoughts are with you both.

JJ, Judy, Dad, Lorne. Rob took the picture.